The description of VLLO App

Video editing made easy with VLLO! If you want to make a daily vlog, this app is just perfect as it's quick and simple leaving no watermarks without payment.

VLLO is a super easy video editor for you. Beginners and casual users will enjoy editing video with its intuitive but precise control abled split, text, BGM and transition. For the pro editors, premium paid features are also ready with Chroma-key, PIP, mosaic and keyframe animations.

+ Video zoom in and out with two fingers right on the screen. You can customize the color of your background or add animation effects. Add a sense of immersion to a still video by using the keyframe animations.

+ You can pin blur or pixel mosaic to have them move as you please

+ Clip edits like trim, split, speed, reverse, rearrangement and adding additional images or videos are all easy to handle.

+ Create a more refined video with the various filters and color correction. Adjust brightness, contrast, hue/saturation and shadows.

+ Apply seamless transitions from dissolve, swipe, and fade to trendy pop art inspired graphic.

+ Add a layer of a video, image or GIF on your video by PIP.

+ Make a high-resolution 4K video.

+ Over than 2,200 categorized trendy stickers and moving texts are updated every season

+ Stickers and texts are in vector format so you won't lose quality when they're expanded

+ You can pin stickers and texts to have them move as you please.

+ You can make your own text style using animation, individual character coloring, shadows, and outline properties editing.

And one more thing!

+ All videos you edit are automatically saved in 'My Project'.

+ Unlimited undo/redo function allows easy restoration/re-application.

+ You can preview the video you are working on in full screen.

+ There is a grid so you can check the ratio within the video more easily.

+ Automatic position setting according to the grid is possible with the magnetic function.

+ No watermark left even if you do not pay.

Download VLLO now and encounter wholly new video editing experience!

If you have any problems or suggestions using our app, please contact us at vllo@vimosoft.com. Your feedback is always welcome.

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